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Leading To Excellence (LTE) is a spiritual but not religious blog that offers spiritual wisdom with practical solutions, to get tangible results for self-actualization.

Leading to Excellence (LTE) is a blog community of a diverse group of people with one common passion – they all love and enjoy reading, writing and sharing their knowledge, opinions and wisdom on a multitude of topics, which are insightful, practical and help us grow.

Here at Leading to Excellence (LTE), we welcome and respect varied thoughts. That’s how we learn from each other and grow. The hope is that eventually we will appreciate that we are all more similar to each other than we are different.

The way we define spirituality or being spiritual, here at LTE is to live an “examined life.” And true to Socrates, we make an attempt at asking questions, discovering and learning about each other and in doing so we hope to gain more insight into ourselves.

My personal belief is that introspection and self-discovery allow us to live a more conscious life, i.e. an examined life. It is in being aware and conscious and in living with intention, can we reach our ultimate potential. Although that ultimate potential or self-actualization may be different for each person, I believe the only path to achieve it is through loving and giving.

That loving, giving, forgiving and gratitude must start in our own heart first. So in order to live our excellent life we must consciously make that choice and take that action now.

Take Action – Love – GiveMake A Difference.

If you resonate with any of the above, this community is where you belong. You have come home.

In this blog – Leading to Excellence (LTE) - you will:

  • Read about self-love, self-esteem, rewarding relationships, stress management and spirituality;
  • Learn how to overcome procrastination, mental blocks and get motivated;
  • Discover tactics on goal setting and time management;
  • Journey with the spiritual traveler to exotic lands both far and near;
  • Get ideas to improve your finances, learn marketing and improve your business;
  • Learn about everyday people and how they are impacting lives in a positive way;
  • Enjoy eclectic, thought-provoking, fun and entertaining articles and much, much more.

You will learn to balance spirituality with no-nonsense practical solutions to achieve measurable and practical results.

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