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Masuda Floyd is the publisher of Leading To Excellence (LTE), a spiritual but not religious blog, which is a community of readers and writers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and wisdom.

Masuda Floyd - Writer Publisher - Leading to Excellence

Masuda Floyd

Masuda Floyd publishes Leading To Excellence (LTE), a spiritual but not religious blog that offers spiritual wisdom with practical solutions to get tangible results for self actualization. It is a blog to inspire leadership skills, self-discipline & introspection; so that you may overcome mental blocks & stress, increase productivity, build rewarding relationships & ultimately discover your true potential.

Masuda is a writer and motivational speaker and the owner and director of Spirit Empowerment Coaching & Consulting, LLC,a life and business coaching firm whose purpose is to empower and move forward professionals and businesses towards realizing their goals, through conscious leadership development.

Masuda works with spiritually aware entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to make transformational lifestyle changes from within, in order to remove stress and frustration and build rewarding relationships, gain financial freedom and have more free time.

A Certified Professional Coach, specializing in Life and Leadership coaching, Masuda is a Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index. She extensively uses the Energy Leadership™ assessment, which is a quantifiable tool that helps enhance the coaching process. She has also developed her own programs, 5-Steps to a Stress-Free - Empowered You™ and Mindful Self Management™.

Coaching has been a natural progression for Masuda. She received her Masters degree in Mathematics / Statistics and taught for over fifteen years at colleges and universities. Along with classroom teaching she also owned and operated a successful consulting and tutoring business in California, where she offered statistical consulting for small businesses and tutored and mentored students in SAT and other standardized exam prep, mathematics/statistics and writing. Masuda has held an active Real Estate license in New Jersey and is now on referral status.

Her past endeavors and experiences exposed her to a very diverse set of people and personalities. She had the opportunity to counsel and advise students and/or parents in college prep and financial aid. She also had the chance to author standardized test-prep material and be published and was a script writer for a tele-course for the local PBS station.

Masuda believes the most significant thing we can do for ourselves is to believe in ourselves, and have faith in the future that we work towards creating for ourselves.

Her passion is to write & help people achieve their true potential. Masuda’s personal purpose is to make a difference - to continue to learn and grow - to be her best. Her motivation comes from a strong desire to be able to make a difference one person at a time.

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