LTE Publisher -- Masuda Floyd
Sep 132011
Unlikely Friendships -  Remarkable Animal Friendships

YouTube videos of some unlikely animal friendships – orangutan and dog, elephant and dog, crow and cat.
These odd couples remind us that love indeed transcends all barriers.
No matter how you look at it, spiritually, philosophically or scientifically, the basic primal need to bond and create mutually rewarding relationships is within us all. Sometimes we may […]

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Jun 202011
Technology to the Rescue: How Can a Toilet, Headphones, a Pillow, Blanket and Coffeemaker Help Your Relationship?

Items highlighted by Becky Worley in the GMA (Good Morning America) segment: Kohler Numi toilet, a Sennheiser Communications’ Stereo TV Listening Headphones, Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker, the ZZOMA Anti-Snoring Aid Pillow and the Better Marriage Blanket.
So you ask…yeah sure, tell me…how can a toilet, headphones, a pillow, a blanket and a coffeemaker help my […]

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Jun 012011
Miramax Seals Deal with Hulu and Netflix

For all those avid movie watchers…there’s great news! Miramax just signed a deal with both Hulu and Netflix. This means you’ll be able to watch Miramax titles on the free Hulu site (with ads) and on the paid site Hulu Plus (without ads). You will also now be able to watch Miramax titles on Netflix. […]

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