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Oct 012011
GMC Trade Secrets - Eric Stromer, Carter Oosterhouse & Sam Talbot

A short video from GMC Trade Secrets, via Faces of GM, where our favorite trio, Stromer, Oosterhouse and Talbot discuss sustainability. It was fun to team up with them to promote this video.

Recently the GMC Trade Secrets trio, home improvement professional Eric Stromer, design expert Carter Oosterhouse and chef Sam Talbot, were in Traverse City, Mich., to film some upcoming GMC Trade Secrets episodes. Faces of GM was very kind to ask me to share this short video on my blog, about their thoughts on sustainability.

Faces of GM is a blog dedicated to telling the stories of the people “behind the headlines at GM.” It’s about the real people who design, build and develop technological solutions pertaining to the GM cars and trucks. It’s also about the customers and clients and dealerships who make GM come alive.

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GMC Trade Secrets - Eric Stromer, Carter Oosterhouse & Sam Talbot

GMC Trade Secrets - Eric Stromer, Carter Oosterhouse & Sam Talbot on Sustainability

The Faces of GM team was there to watch GMC Trade Secrets in action.  You can read about Eric, Carter and Sam’s trip here at Faces of GM. You can learn more about GMC Trade Secrets here. GMC Trade Secrets in partnership with AOL, create the interactive, how-to-videos, “where experts share professional grade advice on cooking, home décor and home improvement.”

AOL and GMC have been partnered for five years now and are dedicated to bringing us programming that is not only helpful and enjoyable but also naturally integrates the GM vehicle into the topic of the show, “where the truck plays a logical role in enabling a project or a tip.”

If you’ve been following the GMC Trade Secrets how-to-videos, then this short video will be a pleasant eye-opener. It highlights the dedication of hosts, Eric Stromer, Carter Oosterhouse & Sam Talbot along with GM, towards sustainability - which is a promise of leading towards a better future for us all.

Watch this enlightening video; see Eric, Carter and Sam’s responses about their careers and how GMC vehicles help each of their lines of work.

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  • GreenGal

    I can’t wait to see what the future holds in regards to sustainability. I am glad to see companies are starting to work on it now, instead of waiting!

  • HybridFan

    It’s really great to see adoption of hybrid technology in some of these larger (and traditionally less efficient) vehicles.  We’ve had the technology, and hopefully now demand will bring more onto the roads.

    • Chrissy

      It is great to see companies starting to try and be more efficient. I think soon there will be a lot more on the market and hopefully that will help bring down the prices so everyone can afford it.