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Oct 232011
GMC Trade Secrets - Let's Trade Secrets Challenge

Do you want to meet Chef Sam Talbot, DIY Pro Eric Stromer and Home Décor Expert Carter Oosterhouse, in person, on the Set of GMC Trade Secrets? You can! Read on to find out about the Let’s Trade Secrets Challenge.

GMC Trade Secrets is brewing up a really cool contest for all you aspiring top chefs, home improvement experts and home décor mavens. And we at Leading to Excellence (LTE) are teaming up again with GMC Trade Secrets / AOL to promote the “Let’s Trade Secrets Challenge.” GMC Trade Secrets is going to select three lucky winners to not only meet but co-star with Chef Sam Talbot, DIY Pro Eric Stromer and Home Décor Expert Carter Oosterhouse, on the set of GMC Trade Secrets.

Read more about the contest after the image.

GMC Trade Secrets - Let's Trade Secrets Challenge

GMC Trade Secrets - Let's Trade Secrets Challenge

When you enter the contest you have a chance to win a trip to LA or NYC and co-star in a how-to video next to our celebrity experts! Second-prize winners receive an iPad2 and a $500 gift card. How cooool is that?

It could be YOU in that mystery man/woman spot!

How do I enter…you ask?

This is how you enter the “Let's Trade Secrets Challenge.”

1) “Like” the GMC Trade Secrets Facebook page (click on the link)
2) Submit a how-to video or photo in the "Let's Trade Secrets Challenge" explaining your home improvement, décor or cooking trade secret.
3) The rest is up to the fans, who get to vote for their favorite entry.

Remember, the deadline is…

In order to be eligible, you need to submit your tip by October 25, 2011.

What happens after the deadline...?

Okay, so what about those of us who are the voters and the cheerleaders and the “Appreciators”? (Is that even a word?) Hey… there’s cool stuff for us too…

Voting starts on October 26, 2011. Once voting starts, GMC Trade Secrets is giving away awesome gift cards just for voting!

Get all the details and enter the contest now. Visit the contest page.

After you submit your tip, be sure to come back here and post a comment and let us know. 🙂

And for inspiration, here are some videos from Sam, Carter and Eric.

Sam Talbot on How to Quick Pickle

Carter Oosterhouse on How to Decorate a Fireplace

Eric Stromer on How to Remove Pet Stains

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