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Aug 042011

An article by Jeffrey QuekConsider for a moment, the Business Owner who has 30 people working in the business. Yet he, the owner, is doing all the work.

Jeffrey Quek on Leading to Excellence

Jeffrey Quek

What's the point?

Do you find that your business is so dependent on you that you just can't get away from it? Wouldn't it be great that your business would take care of itself?

Well, then - here's the good news! It is possible.

But you need to understand one fundamental fact: People should never run a business - Systems should. You only need people to run your systems.

All too often, Business Owners get caught in the trap of doing everything. You feel that nobody can do anything, or at least the "important" things, as well as you can.

Or maybe, you have to spend those little spare time of yours correcting your team's mistakes.

If you feel any of these sad statements apply to you, here is our advice:

STOP the crazy delusion that you are the only one who can do the JOB!

If you keep getting involved in the JOB, you are just a Self-Employed. This means that you have hired yourself into a JOB. A common joke about a "self-employed J.O.B." is that you will forever be Just Over Broke!

How many years can you slog as a Self-Employed, doing everything by yourself? You are human. Even a robot or machine needs to rest, or be replaced. The best way to replace yourself is not by another person, but by a SYSTEM!

A SYSTEM does not necessarily refer to a high-tech IT infrastructure. It is more about the management process flow that get things running smoothly.

Systemizing your business is vitally important for the survival of your business.

About 80% of what's done in your business can be systemized. Take some time to figure out all of the routine things that are done in your business. Now document the best way to accomplish these tasks.

However, creating systems is not enough. You need to ensure that the systems are easy to follow, and easy to do. If you don't make it easy, it will not be done, or at least not consistently.

With systems and processes in place, it's simply a matter of employing people to run those systems. Michael Gerber's book, The E-Myth Revisited, highlights how important systems are for businesses to be successful.

A good number of great businesses that have flourished over the years are those with established systems. Their robust systems have even helped them to franchise their businesses worldwide. McDonalds and Subway are good real life examples. With food products that at best could only be described as average, SYSTEMS have helped to make them highly successful entities.

To build a great business, replace yourself with a good system now!

Lastly, quoting Brad Sugars - founder of ActionCOACH:

Words can inspire,

Thoughts can provoke,

Only Actions truly bring you closer to your Dream...!

It is Time for You to Take Action:

  1. Read Instant System by Brad Sugars.
  2. Send your learning summary to your Accountability Coach.
  3. Review & set your 90-Days Plan to start systemizing your business!

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  • Lara Lanis

    “STOP the crazy delusion that you are the only one who can do the JOB!”

    It is quite funny that when we go and establish our own business we dreamed of financial and time freedom, only to realized later that the business already consumed us. 

    One of the things I learned right from the very start is to develop an effective business system and people I trust so I could effectively delegate the responsibilities and tasks.

    • Chrissy

       So true! I do not own my own business, but at my current job I feel I can never ask for help because I’ll just have to fix other people’s mistakes….

  • Lovemetender

    As businesspeople or entrepreneurs, we should be setting up systems rather than rely so much on people as this can lead to burn-out and depletion of energy and creativity.