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Oct 232011
How Can YOU Meet Sam Talbot, Eric Stromer and Carter Oosterhouse on the Set of GMC Trade Secrets?

Meet Sam Talbot, Eric Stromer and Carter Oosterhouse on the Set of GMC Trade Secrets & co-star with them. Enter the Let’s Trade Secrets Challenge. LTE is teaming up with GMC Trade Secrets to promote the contest.

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Oct 012011
Faces of GM & GMC Trade Secrets – Eric Stromer, Carter Oosterhouse & Sam Talbot on Sustainability

A short video from GMC Trade Secrets, via Faces of GM, where our favorite trio, Stromer, Oosterhouse and Talbot discuss sustainability. It was fun to team up with them to promote this video.
Recently the GMC Trade Secrets trio, home improvement professional Eric Stromer, design expert Carter Oosterhouse and chef Sam Talbot, were in Traverse City, […]

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Aug 032011
How Many Calories in Buffalo Wings and some Recipes

Ever wondered how many calories are in Buffalo wings? Here are a couple of yummy Buffalo wings recipes for you to try.
I admit last week my staple diet was Buffalo wings…mmm! Yes, I’m aware it was not the healthiest of diets, but it sure was tasty and it was only for a week. It did […]

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Jun 282011
Mango Kulfi (Ice Cream) - Indian Ice-Cream Dessert Recipe

Mango Kulfi (Ice-cream) Recipe – A custard-less (egg-less) Indian ice cream dessert flavored with real mangoes – a quick and easy summer treat.
Here’s a recipe for a yummy Indian ice-cream dessert called a kulfi. A kulfi is a custard-less (no eggs in the mix) ice-cream. The traditional kulfi is made from reduced (thickened by boiling) […]

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Jun 222011
Emeril Lagasse Recipe – Garlic Lovers’ Pot Roast

Garlic Lovers’ Pot Roast Recipe by Emeril Lagasse – Bam!
Emeril Lagasse has a delicious pot roast recipe for you. Bam! The Garlic Lovers’ Pot Roast is a simple American meal that has a very short prep time. Emeril promises, “The entire family will love this simple pot roast, which is stuffed with garlic and then […]

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Jun 142011
Curtis Stone shows How to Cook in Paper from GMC Trade Secrets

Curtis Stone shows How to Cook in Paper
Our favorite Aussie chef Curtis Stone shows us how to cook scrumptious meals in paper. If you thought cooking “en papillote” seemed too intimidating, Curtis Stone shows us an extremely easy and fast way to prepare low-calorie meals that are high in taste and nutrition. All you need […]

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Jun 092011
Top Superfoods for Women of Every Age Group

Recently Robin Roberts of GMA (Good Morning America) interviewed Alyse Levine, nutrition adviser at LIVESTRONG. Levine, who has a master’s degree and is a registered dietitian, discussed the benefits of the different superfoods for women of every age group.
Learn how to naturally lessen the appearance of wrinkles, lower blood pressure and stress, build healthy bones […]

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