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Jun 112011
Weight Gain Not Just Fat - Your Bones Are to Blame Too! ABC News

Recently Karin Halperin of ABC News, in her article, “Those Extra Pounds and Inches Are Not Just Fat — Your Bones Are to Blame Too,” tells us about a study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research, where they “found evidence that the pelvis – the hip bones – continues to widen in both men […]

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Jun 092011
Top Superfoods for Women of Every Age Group

Recently Robin Roberts of GMA (Good Morning America) interviewed Alyse Levine, nutrition adviser at LIVESTRONG. Levine, who has a master’s degree and is a registered dietitian, discussed the benefits of the different superfoods for women of every age group.
Learn how to naturally lessen the appearance of wrinkles, lower blood pressure and stress, build healthy bones […]

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Jun 032011
Difference Between Sports Drinks And Energy Drinks - What’s Best for Your Child?

What’s the difference between sports drinks and energy drinks? Is there a difference at all? And if there is what’s best for your child?
Of course there is a big difference between the two. Energy drinks like, Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star and others are intended to give you a temporary boost of energy. In order […]

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