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Jun 292011
Spiritual Words of Wisdom - Thought of the Day - John Barrymore

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.” ~John Barrymore
John Barrymore
(born John Sidney Blyth Barrymore, February 15, 1882 – May 29, 1942) was an acclaimed American actor. He was from the famous Barrymore and Drew families of theater and cinema artists. He was the paternal grandfather of Drew Barrymore.

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Jun 082011
Spiritual Words of Wisdom - Thought of the Day - Bengali Proverb

“When you wish ill on others you plant the seed of your own downfall.” ~Bengali Proverb
Your malicious thoughts are your own undoing! This is a true statement on so many levels. The simplest explanation is that you are spending time contemplating harm on someone else, when you could be spending that time and energy to […]

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Jun 062011
Spiritual Words of Wisdom - Thought of the Day - Friedrich Nietzsche

“And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.”
~Friedrich Nietzsche, (October 15, 1844 – August 25, 1900), German philosopher, poet and classical philologist.

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Jun 042011
Spiritual Words of Wisdom - Thought of the Day - William Blake

“The foundation of empire is art & science. Remove them or degrade them, & the empire is no more. Empire follows art & not vice versa as Englishmen suppose.”
~William Blake (1757–1827), British poet, painter, engraver. repr. In Complete Writings, ed. Geoffrey Keynes (1957). Annotations to Sir Joshua Reynolds, Discourses (c. 1808).

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Jun 022011
Spiritual Words of Wisdom - Thought of the Day - Arnold Bennett

“To the artist is sometimes granted a sudden, transient insight which serves in this matter for experience. A flash, and where previously the brain held a dead fact, the soul grasps a living truth! At moments we are all artists.”
~Arnold Bennett (1867–1931), British novelist. The Journals of Arnold Bennett, entry for March 18, 1897 (1932).

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