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Jun 202011
Technology to the Rescue: How Can a Toilet, Headphones, a Pillow, Blanket and Coffeemaker Help Your Relationship?

Items highlighted by Becky Worley in the GMA (Good Morning America) segment: Kohler Numi toilet, a Sennheiser Communications’ Stereo TV Listening Headphones, Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker, the ZZOMA Anti-Snoring Aid Pillow and the Better Marriage Blanket.
So you ask…yeah sure, tell me…how can a toilet, headphones, a pillow, a blanket and a coffeemaker help my […]

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Jun 012011
Real Life “Jurassic Park” – Bringing Back the Quagga and the Woolly Mammoth – Science Fiction Or Reality?

Sounds like real life “Jurassic Park!” A group of scientists are claiming they have brought back the quagga, a zebra-like creature that roamed the South African plains and died out over a hundred years ago. As if that is not fantastic enough, a group of Japanese scientists are claiming that they can bring back the […]

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