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Sep 132011

Odd Couples - Orangutan-Dog, Elephant-Dog, Crow-Cat

YouTube videos of some unlikely animal friendships – orangutan and dog, elephant and dog, crow and cat.

These odd couples remind us that love indeed transcends all barriers.

No matter how you look at it, spiritually, philosophically or scientifically, the basic primal need to bond and create mutually rewarding relationships is within us all. Sometimes we may find friendship in the unlikeliest of environments. If animals can overlook diversity, why can’t we?

Orangutan and Dog

National Geographic

Elephant and Dog

Steve Hartman CBS

Crow and Cat

Animal Planet

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  • AnimalLover

    It’s amazing how they can look after one other when they need to. Animals have a big heart! It always amazes me how much my dog tries to please me and really just wants to be by my side!