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Jun 182011
Why Travel Is Good For The Body And Soul an article by Christine Estima of

I came across this encouraging article by Christine Estima of She writes about, “Why Travel Is Good For The Body And Soul.”

Travel Backpackers

Travel is good for the body and soul.

There is hope yet, for all of us who would like to lose weight, stay in shape and also would like to travel. You might be able to combine all three and synthesize it all into an incredible and memorable experience.

Estima writes about the benefits of traveling, especially going on a backpacking trip. Six years ago she went on a backpacking trip to Europe and since then she has traveled the world with her trusty backpack. She claims not only is this wonderful on your budget, it is also a great way to lose weight and stay in shape.

And what could top that? Of course it’s the whole experience - the varied and interesting people you meet, the stimulating and thought-provoking conversations that touch your heart, the delicious foods and so much more.

Estima explains in detail how you can achieve all of that and more. You can read the full article here on the That’s Fit site.

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  • Anonymous

    There is no question that travelling in backpack can have so many health benefits. I visited the site you refer here and I am surprisingly amazed of the simple reason why backpack travel is the best way to go to maintain the right weight. I think the only concern I have is the cost involved…maybe if I will be successful in my online business then I can travel wherever and whenever I want to. 

  • Srladybird

    I like it but can”t talk more on it ?