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The following are a general description of the different categories in Leading To Excellence (LTE). It is just a guide to help writers and readers alike to understand what you might find under these categories.

What can I write about?
You can get ideas from the category descriptions. More topics and/or viewpoints have been suggested under some of the categories. Use your creativity and imagination. Write from a standpoint to help, serve  and grow.

We want to live a spiritually aware and examined life. We want to explore and seek knowledge and then apply it in a way so we can live a fulfilled life. We write from that perspective.

Spiritual Awareness – description – Spiritual Awareness is your ability to align your beliefs and values with your actions, being self aware, making conscious choices and living a balanced lifestyle to achieve success.

Spiritual Motivation – description – Spiritual Motivation is about self development and self actualization, through practical ways of time management, goal setting and to overcome mental blocks and become stress free.

Spiritual Happiness – description – Spiritual Happiness deals with self love, self acceptance, forgiveness, the ability to feel a oneness with your environment and the Universe.

Spiritual Relationship – description – Spiritual Relationship is about building rewarding relationships by learning both spiritual and practical ways to communicate and interact with others and yourself.

Spiritual Words – description – Spiritual Words offers words of encouragement, wisdom and inspiration.

Spiritual Travel – description – Spiritual Travel is all about traveling the world, be it near or far from home and being able to see the beauty and become one with everything, be it mundane or exotic.

Life Style Health – description – Life Style and Health is about all the lifestyle choices we make, such as: Health, Fashion & Beauty, Food, Style, Home Décor, Weight Management, Diet & Exercise, Spiritual Wellness and similar topics.

Health – description – Health is all important because the balance of mind, body and spirit creates the ultimate spiritual person; we focus on the body to achieve a healthy lifestyle, gain perspectives on fitness and weight management and much more.

Fashion & Beauty – description – Fashion and Beauty pertains to both our inner and outer beauty and how we might improve it with tips and suggestions.

Food – description – Food is the life source of both the body and the soul; we need it and we also enjoy food; it completes and complements the needs of a spiritual person.

Style & Home Décor – description – Style & Home Décor, whether it is our inner personal style or our outward fashion, how we decorate our home, what car we drive, everything is a reflection of our inner spirit.

Weight Management, Diet & Exercise – description – Weight Management, Diet & Exercise makes for a healthier body and hence a happier mind. Recipes, workouts, discussions and personal stories inspire us to learn from and support each other.

Spiritual Wellness  – description – Spiritual Wellness is about your mental and physical health, peace and joy.

Business– description – Business has articles on marketing, handling and increasing your finances, how others are doing business and more. It relates to your relationship with money, i.e. having a healthy and respectful relationship with money and learning guilt-free ways of marketing your business, which will help you make more money. Articles on Internet marketing, home-based business and work-life balance is welcome.

(Spiritual) Wealth – description – (Spiritual) Wealth is how you look at wealth from a spiritual perspective or how your personal growth has led to your spiritual growth.

(Spiritual) Marketing – description – (Spiritual) Marketing is about using different methods of marketing by creating genuine connections with the people you do business with.

(Spiritual) Money – description – (Spiritual) Money relates to your relationship with money, i.e. having a healthy and respectful relationship with money and learning guilt-free ways of marketing your business and making money.

Miscellaneous – description – Miscellaneous includes various topics that are interesting to a Renaissance man or woman, someone with interest and knowledge in a multitude of areas. It varies from news to science and technology, from entertainment to pets and animals.

News – description – News from all over – good or bad – without judgment...This way we stay connected with the world and each other. News includes political to science and technology, media and more.

Sci-Tech – description – Sci-Tech is everything science and technology has to offer us. All the gadgets, gizmos and toys, all the advancement in medicine to astronomy, for better or for worse, for fun or for stress, what would we do without them?

Entertainment – description – Entertainment is the food for our senses, which feeds the soul and spirit – books, movies, shows, theater, opera, games, video games, sports and more. You can write reviews, recommendations and more.

Spiritual Fun – description – Spiritual Fun is all about having fun, be it a cup of coffee with a friend, or watching a movie or playing with your hi-tech gadget.

Sports – description – Sports is a fun way to express our competitive nature, which is natural and is part of our personal development and spiritual growth.

Pets Animals – description – Animals are just another extension of us, our cousins on this earth; we can learn so much from them and they bring us so much joy.

Eclectic Etceteras – description – Eclectic Etceteras are discerning articles, opinions, thoughts and more from various sources. They can be serious or comedic and in any form - prose, poetry, fact or non-fiction, stories or fiction – all apply.

Comedy – description – Comedy is the best medicine for the mind, body and soul; it is indeed a most spiritual expression of communication.

Stewardship – description – Stewardship is about taking care of everything around us - which includes us and our environment. These are articles about special people who have done special things to help his or her environment, be it people, animals or matter.

People / Impact – description – People offers articles and interviews on people who are making an impact. It is about caring and about people who care. Here you will read about ordinary people who have done special things and consequently have become special people.

Higher Power – description – Higher Power is all about discussions on the existence of God, the Universe, Oneness, Intelligent Design, Agnosticism, Atheism and any other Alternative Belief systems. Articles in this category, if not scholarly, they at least must be an exploration rather than have the tone of preaching.

Use you creativity and imagination...

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