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Leading To Excellence (LTE) is accepting writers. Please contact us if you would like to be a guest blogger, a regular contributor, or you may simply choose to submit your articles every now and then – all without any obligations.

Writer’s Guidelines / FAQ – Please read before you submit your article.

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Write for Leading to Excellence

Write for Leading to Excellence

  1. Who is eligible to write for Leading To Excellence (LTE)?
    1. You are! If you write original articles on various topics with the intent to help, spread knowledge or to entertain, then you are eligible. We do not accept articles whose sole purpose is to make a sale.
  2. What if the readers like what I have to say and want to buy from me?
    1. Selling can indeed be a by-product of your wonderfully written, informative article, but it cannot be the only angle of your article.
  3. Can I submit previously published articles?
    1. Each article must be unique and original.
  4. What do you mean by “original content”?
    1. Original content is something that you have written yourself or a ghostwriter has written specifically for you. Original content means there are no other copies of the same article that someone else can claim authorship to.
  5. What about PLRs, can we use them?
    1. No, PLRs break the above rule.
  6. Can I have links to my website or products?
    1. You may have two or three links in your article.
  7. How do you handle plagiarism?
    1. We have ZERO-TOLERANCE for plagiarism. Writers who plagiarize will be banned from this site. As writers, we must strive to honor and respect each others’ intellectual property.
  8. Who holds the copyright of my articles?
    1. You do. Although please remember, quite often the copyright of digitally shared intellectual property falls under the Creative Commons License rules. It is your responsibility to read and understand this.
  9. Can I delete my article after I have published it on the Leading to Excellence (LTE) website?
    1. No, you may not delete your article after it has been published on the Leading to Excellence (LTE) website. Even though you retain full copyrights to your article, after you publish it you may not delete it. You may however make changes if there are blatant errors or omissions.
  10. Can I re-purpose, republish my article both online or offline?
    1. Of course you may. You hold full copyrights to your article.
  11. Can I delete my article(s) on Leading to Excellence (LTE) in order to publish elsewhere?
    1. No, you may not. Think of it as publishing in print media. Once you have published your article in a magazine you buy from a newsstand, you cannot go back and undo (erase) that.
  12. How often can I make updates and changes to my already published articles?
    1. That will be dealt on a case by case basis. The general answer is we do not want you to be changing your already published article. You will find it is much more rewarding to write new content!
  13. Do you require writing samples?
    1. For new writers, yes we do. If you are already writing on a blog or your articles are on article directories, those can be used as your sample.
  14. How long does it take to get approved?
    1. For new writers it may take anywhere from a week to three weeks. For authors who have already contributed it’ll be faster.
  15. How do I submit an article to Leading To Excellence (LTE)?
    1. You first need to become a member by registering. Then you will Submit your Article by posting it directly into the writers' panel. You may send related images via email at contact(at)LeadingToExcellence(dot)com .
  16. What should I write about?
    1. To get ideas start by reading About Leading To Excellence (LTE). Please take a look around the blog, read the articles and become familiar with the “feel” of the blog. Be sure to read the description of the different categories to get more ideas.
  17. How strictly do I need to adhere to the categories?
    1. Not at all! We encourage creativity and freedom of expression here at Leading To Excellence (LTE). If there are enough articles, we will very happily create a new category or sub-category.
  18. Are there any topics that are banned on this site?
    1. Yes, any topic, writing or image that is or promotes illegal activities, sexually explicit material, pornography, using children in an inappropriate manner in articles or images, material that incites racial or other slurs and stigma, incendiary words, bullying, material derogatory to any group(s) and explicitly violent material are banned. This is not an exhaustive list. There could be other things that the LTE Team might find inappropriate and will not publish. They have the last word on it.
  19. Is there a maximum or minimum word count?
    1. We suggest your articles have a minimum of 500 words, unless it’s a review then 300 is acceptable. Whereas, there is no maximum, we suggest that you do not make any one article longer than 750 words. If your article gets longer than that, then make two blog posts out of it – that’s even better!
  20. Do we need to provide an image with the article?
    1. Yes, we always like to have an image with every article. We suggest that you attach / upload a creative commons image (with proper credit) in the jpeg, jpg format, between 96 kb – 360 kb. If you absolutely cannot find an image don’t let that keep you from submitting an article. We can use your own photograph or we can help you find an image.
  21. Do the articles have to be search engine optimized?
    1. In a perfect world yes, all the articles we receive would need to be search engine optimized. However, we know that SEO can be pretty tricky and we would rather you be your creative self and concentrate on your writing; we will help you with the SEO. That said, we do want our authors to become independent and self-reliant.
  22. What help do you offer with SEO copywriting?
    1. All writers receive basic help and instructions with SEO and keywords. We strongly encourage writers to optimize for their chosen keywords. For more info please contact us.
  23. What special instructions do you have for the article format and writing?
      1. Write your article in Word or your preferred wordprocessor.
      2. Input it directly into the writers' panel at Submit Your Article.
      3. Do NOT use quotes around your title.
      4. Create a 60-80 word summary of your article, which you will put into the Excerpt field of the writers' panel. If you do not have a summary, your article’s first paragraph will be automatically used as the summary / excerpt.
      5. Use your keyword and it’s synonyms in the first and last paragraph a couple of times and have a sprinkling of it throughout your article.
      6. Most importantly, make sure your article sounds natural (not keyword stuffed).
  24. Do you pay us to write?
    1. Not at this time.
  25. How does it benefit me to write for Leading To Excellence (LTE)?
      1. If you are a new writer/ blogger - whether you are an Internet Marketer or an author who wants to publish a book - at LTE you will start off with a built-in audience and get instant exposure by publishing your articles here.
      2. You don’t even have to have your own blog. You can use Leading to Excellence (LTE) as your writing platform, and get all the benefits of a blogging environment, without the hassle of having to maintain a blog.
      3. Write and publish your articles here, while you are building your own blog. The technical aspects of building a blog can be overwhelming and time consuming. Now you can let go of your stress and while you continue working on your own project, you can still have a venue to publish your articles, when you write with us.
      4. If you are already blogging on your own blog, then you get exposure to a whole different set of audience, which means more traffic for you, which in turn means more profit for you.
      5. If you have your own blog then you get backlinks when you publish with LTE, which equals more traffic and more profit for you.
      6. If you are already renowned and have your own established platform, then you could come here to meet an entirely new group of bloggers who are eager to learn from you.
      7. All writers are allowed to have a few links in their articles - ergo, more publicity, more visibility, more name-recognition, more traffic, more backlinks, more profit for YOU.
  26. Why do I need to sign up?
    1. We may need to contact you from time to time for article requests or updates. Plus any of the free SEO or other training material will be available in the members area or might be sent by email.
  27. I’m ready to write; what do I need to do now to start writing for Leading To Excellence (LTE)?
      1. Register as a Member.
      2. Wait 24-48 hours for the writers' panel to become active.
      3. If you have any problems please send your question(s) via the contact form or send us an email to contact(at)LeadingToExcellence(dot)com .
      4. Submit Your Article using the writers' panel.
  28. Any other suggestions?
      1. Have fun! This blog community is about sharing, learning and growing. It is supposed to be a supportive and enjoyable environment. We want to be as far away from stress and anxiety as possible – we want to help overcome it, not create it!. 🙂
      2. If you aren’t enjoying the process, then you’re doing it all wrong!

We’re so excited you are joining our community and you will write for us! Thanks & welcome!

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