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We are delighted you want to be a part of this community. We are really happy you want to write for us at Leading to Excellence (LTE).

Whether you are a guest blogger, a regular contributor or someone who wants to send in an article once in a while – we welcome you!

You can write non-fiction, fiction, news stories, poetry, fantasy – there is a place for all of it. Read About Leading to Excellence and the Category Descriptions to get an idea of what this blog is about and what to write.

Here is a short overview of what is required in order to be a writer at LTE.

Please read the complete Writer’s Guidelines and FAQs before you send in your article.

  1. Articles must be original.
  2. Register as a member. It's FREE!
  3. Read the Writer’s Guidelines and FAQs before you submit your article.
  4. Read the Category Descriptions to get ideas for what to write.
  5. Read About Leading to Excellence to understand the tone of this blog.
  6. Please do not send pornographic or other sexually explicit images or writings. Read more about other restricted topics in the Guidelines.
  7. Submit your author bio and a picture (96kb – 150kb) of yourself along with your article.

How to Submit Your Article

You may post your article directly into the writers' panel at Submit Your Article. You can do this only after you have registered as a member (free). It may take around 24-48 hours for the writers' panel to be activated.

Remember to include your by-line and a brief bio. If you want to include images you will need to email it to contact(at)LeadingToExcellence(dot)com

All posts are reviewed by our editors and may take a few days to publish.

So, how does writing at Leading To Excellence (LTE) BENEFIT YOU?

Here are just a few thoughts; feel free to add your own reasons:

      1. If you are a new writer/ blogger - whether you are an Internet Marketer or an author who wants to publish a book - at LTE you will start off with a built-in audience and get instant exposure by publishing your articles here.
      2. You don’t even have to have your own blog. You can use Leading to Excellence (LTE) as your writing platform, and get all the benefits of a blogging environment, without the hassle of having to maintain a blog.
      3. Write and publish your articles here, while you are building your own blog. The technical aspects of building a blog can be overwhelming and time consuming. Now you can let go of your stress and while you continue working on your own project, you can still have a venue to publish your articles, when you write for us.
      4. If you are already blogging on your own blog, then you get exposure to a whole different set of audience, which means more traffic for you, which in turn means more profit for you.
      5. If you have your own blog then you get backlinks when you publish with LTE, which equals more traffic and more profit for you.
      6. If you are already renowned and have your own established platform, then you could come here to meet an entirely new group of bloggers who are eager to learn from you.
      7. All writers may have a few links in their articles - ergo, more publicity, more visibility, more name-recognition, more traffic, more backlinks, more profit for YOU.

Please only submit original works. By uploading images or submitting a story you agree that the intellectual property belongs to you and that Leading to Excellence may use it for display on the website

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